Nutrition and Wellness Counseling/Herbal Medicine

Dirt Therapy provides nutrition and wellness counseling for healthier living and nutritional solutions for many conditions and ailments. Nicole holds a Bachelors degree in Health and Wellness and a Masters degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition including the study of pharmacognosy. In a world where the first remedy for any medical problem is to take medication, we can provide alternative nutritional and herbal solutions to help give you a solid foundation to prevent disease in the first place. Herbal medicine and solid nutrition give you the tools to work with your body's natural healing  processes as opposed to just treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

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Dirt Therapy Services

Health and Wellness/ Nutrition/ Healthy Cooking Workshops

Healthy living starts with what we put into our bodies-and this isn't always what we have traditionally been taught throughout our lives. Through education and experience, we are able to provide a unique perspective on nutrition and healthy cooking. We offer classes and workshops designed to help you cook healthier and improve your understanding of holistic nutrition as well as classes on essential oils, herbs or other topics. Our programs can be customized for your needs and are great opportunities to bring communities together and can be great team building events. We also provide in home group classes or make and take events where you and your friends can learn together in the comfort of your home (or the woods, a local restaurant, park, etc...) If you are not sure exactly what kind of class or workshop would be best for your group, we will point you in the right direction.

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Dirt Therapy Product Line

Its no longer just a fad! So many people have realized the important health advantages to ridding harmful chemicals from our lives. Dirt Therapy has the solution! Our product lines cover many everyday items from bath and body products, and therapeutic remedies, to outdoor products such as bug spray and sunscreen. We also carry many other items for around the home. All products are produced on a small scale, using hand selected organic or wild crafted ingredients. Ingredients come directly from our farm or are locally sourced whenever possible.

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