Whats with the name?

​​dirt therapy

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The dirt on Dirt Therapy

Dirt therapy...many have asked, so here it is...Nicole, the creator of our products, has long enjoyed gardening, landscaping, and just general yard work. She has always called this her "dirt therapy". Working in the dirt, working with herbs, being out in the garden itself is very therapeutic; a healthy way to unwind, get back to the simplicity of nature and just let go and relax. So no, there is not dirt in our products - well, maybe a little sometimes ;)

My journey began in my own backyard garden which has since developed into micro-farming. In an effort to eliminate chemicals and artificial ingredients from my family's lives, my garden expanded and my kitchen turned into a place of concoctions which gradually lent themselves to a transformation of my home products, outdoor needs, cleaning products and even our medicine cabinet. 

Nicole, the creator of all of our products, is an Afghanistan veteran and was medically retired from the US Army in 2013. When I first transitioned out of the military, I went to the VA to sign up for healthcare, was seen by a provider I had never met before and walked out 15 minutes later with a handful of prescriptions. After a scary ER trip and several days in the hospital followed by years of seeing so many people I served with plagued by countless side effects and other problems that are notoriously linked with the common practice of polypharmacy that the VA and so many other mainstream medical providers, I decided there must be a better way. I  completed my Bachelors of Science in Health and Wellness while still on Active Duty and my Masters Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition after I was retired. My Masters program also included the study of pharmacognosy and herbal medicine. I've found that using herbs and proper nutrition can help our bodies live as they are supposed to, allowing them to fight disease, inflammation and other problems that the world throws at us. This isn't to say that medical intervention is never needed, but only that we need to give ourselves the best fighting chance we can first. Treat our bodies better, and they will treat us better in return.